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Steep Point


Steep Point, you'll love it

Steep Point is the most Westerly Point of mainland Western Australia and is arguably reputed to be one of our planets finest land-based game fishing locations. Steep Point is only accessible by 4 Wheel Drive vehicle.

On its day, Steep Point can produce as finer display of Land based game fishing as you could hope for.
The Narrow Barred Spanish Mackerel being the most sought after species from the rocks.
This magnificent Pelagic can range in size from 6 kilos to 35-40 kilos and are 5 star eating quality. Some of the biggest Tailor (Blue Fish) in the world are caught here and nothing beats the thrill of having a 5 or 6 kilo Tailor take a popper lure from 2 or 3 metres up a rock ledge, hold on and have some fun.
Couple the above with Sailfish, Tuna, Cobia, Yellow tailed sea kingfish, Mulloway, Snapper, Bluebone, the list goes on and on.

The Snapper fishing from the rocks can be very rewarding and many a huge Pink, and Nor West Snapper has been caught here. The boat fishers dont miss out either.
Steep Point is first class for its trolling reputation. The quiet bays are ideal to moor, and launch your boat.

The fishing is only a part of the attraction.

Excellent camping sites and Spectacular scenery make Steep Point one of the premier camping holiday locations for those that just want to get away from it all.

The Zoytdorp (pronounced Zurtoff) Cliffs that begin at Kalbarri to the South and end at Steep Point, make for some of the most awesome scenery you will ever lay your eyes on. These cliffs range from sea level to 170 metres high and to see the Indian ocean swells pump into the clifface and rise, sometimes over the top will make for some of your most memorable photography and video.
Blowholes shooting sea spray 20-30 feet into the air with deafening sounds.

It is not uncommon to encounter huge Kangaroos and Emus bounding away in front of your vehicle as you negotiate the tracks. Wildflowers that make the landscape come alive. Quiet bays to set up your camps and again, excellent fishing. Scenery that is picture postcard quality. Flora and Fauna that is as it was, thousands of years ago. Get as close as possible to whales cruising up the face of the wall.

Steep Point is relatively unchanged by the impact of mankind. If you havent visited Steep Point before, it has got be placed on your list of places to visit, and for those people that have....they just keep coming back!.
Steep Point, come and have a look.

It can be accessed from the Useless Loop road and is regarded as one of WA's most popular fishing destinations. It features terrific scenery and beautiful bays. An Access permit is required to enter Steep Point and can be obtained by contacting the Ranger on 99483993